Long Term Care Insurance - Sample Premiums Long Term Care Insurance - Sample Premiums

How much does it cost?

Click below to obtain examples of the annual cost of individual long term care insurance policies in New York State.

Remember, only an insurance company can tell you the exact cost based on your individual age, health, benefit choices and any premium discounts that may apply.

Tips to save money

Buy early. The younger you are, the lower your premiums.

Save federal and state taxes. With a tax-qualified policy, New York State offers a tax credit for 20% of the premiums you pay.

Buy through a group. If you are an employee, retiree, union member, or belong to an association, check with the organization to see if a group policy is available. Group policies may cost less than individual ones but compare the benefits and cost before deciding.

Learn more about tax credits, group insurance and all of the Basics of Long Term Care and Long Term Care Insurance on our website.