Trusted Source Guide Trusted Source Guide

Completing Requests Using "Pending Access Requests":

If you are a trusted source for your company than it is your job to handle access requests for that company.  When a request is made for your company, it will be assigned to you as a request.  Not only will you get an email telling you that you have a request to review but you will also see it listed in the "Pending Access Requests" window of your landing page. You can mouse over the link to get more information about the request.  Clicking the link will bring you into the request and allow you to "Approve" or "Reject" it.


After clicking the link to the request you will find the details of the request as well as a list of actions you can take.  If you recognize the user, place a check next to any roles they should have and click "Approve".   If the user shouldn't have roles then simply select "Reject".  You may wish to place a note in the box that will be emailed to the user, Business Owners and other trusted sources. These comments will also apear in the history section at the bottom of the request.

Accessing Delegated Admin:

At some point you may wish to access the full delegated administration application to check a role, change a  role or to revoke a role.  To do that, click on the "Actions" button next to the application you want to delegate users for.  A popup menu will appear.  From that menu, select "Delegated Admin"

By default you will only see entries for "Pending" requests.  You can see other types of requests by changing the drop down under "Status". You can user the filter boxes and drop downs along with the filter button to easily find the users you are looking for.  When you find the user you want to change, simply click the link in the "status" column.  (It will be their current status, pending, approved etc)

From the change roles screen, select which roles you want a user to have.  The system will automatically remove any roles that are not checked and add any roles that are when you click update. 

Once you have made all of your changes and get a confirmation you can click cancel to go back to the previous pending screen.