Department of Financial Services ID Barcode Key Distribution

Important Note

Have you or anyone in your organization ever applied for an IIES private key for this particular license number prior to today?

If so, you cannot use the form below to reapply. 

Please contact the Licensing Bureau at 1-518-473-3207 or via e-mail at  Please label the subject of the e-mail "IIES".

The following information will be used to distribute the insurance ID barcode key. The key will be sent electronically to the email address you provide to us below. This key is confidential in nature and care should be taken with its distribution and use. The New York State Department of Financial Services is not responsible for misuse of the key by the receiving party.

1. Complete only one of the following:

A. If you are an INSURANCE COMPANY, type in your 3-digit ICC code (including all leading zero's):

B. If you are a PROPERTY/CASUALTY AGENT (your license number begins with PC-), type in the numeric portion of your license number:

C. If you are a BROKER (your license number begins with BR-), type in the numeric portion of your license number:

2. Type in the first 10 characters of the licensee name, exactly as it appears on the first line of your New York State Department of Financial Services Insurance License. Be sure to include all spaces and commas. Failure to type in the exact name will cause this submission to be rejected and delay the transmission of your private key.

3. Email Address:

Please retype your e-mail address for verification:

4. Please provide the following contact information to be used only if problems are encountered during the key distribution process.

Contact name (First MI Last):

Contact phone number: ( )

5. Choose one of the following based on your 2D insurance ID barcode software:

Provided by Department of Motor Vehicle
Provided by Other; please specify:


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