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Total: 16  REC
NAIC# Company Name Org Domicile Group#/Group Name Website
42544 Academic Health Professionals Insurance Association - A Reciprocal Insurer REC New York 
12583 Adirondack Insurance Exchange REC New York 2538/Amtrust NGH Group   
41459 Armed Forces Insurance Exchange REC Kansas 
21202 Auto Club Insurance Association REC Michigan 55/Automobile Club MI Group 
20117 California Casualty Indemnity Exchange REC California 33/California Casualty Management Group 
34495 Doctors Company, an Interinsurance Exchange REC California 831/Doctors Co Group   
21652 Farmers Insurance Exchange REC California 69/FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP 
11118 Federated Rural Electric Insurance Exchange REC Kansas 
23108 Lumbermen's Underwriting Alliance REC Missouri 
15679 National Fire and Indemnity Exchange REC Missouri     
20690 New York Municipal Insurance Reciprocal REC New York    NYMIR.ORG 
34843 New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal REC New York    NYSIR.ORG 
41467 Physicians' Reciprocal Insurers REC New York 4840/ABJ Group 
12873 Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange REC Florida 4664/Pure Companies Group PUREHNW.COM 
21709 Truck Insurance Exchange REC California 69/FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP   
25941 United Services Automobile Association REC Texas 200/USAA GROUP