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NAIC#: 43834 DOM: New York Group: Mid-Hudson Claverack Co-Op Group Phone: 518-672-7363 
CPAF: 143 ORG: ASC Group#: 4841 Spl Risk:
DMV#: Website:   Licensed Dt: 07/10/1857
Claverack Cooperative Insurance Company
PO Box 779
Kinderhook, NY 12106
Company Name History: Change Dt
Claverack Town Fire Insurance Company 02/08/1971
Current Writing Powers:
NYS Insurance
Law Section Code
Line of

6605(A)(B),1113(a) 4 Fire
6605(A)(B),1113(a) 5 Miscellaneous Property
6605(A)(B),1113(a) 6 Water Damage
6605(A)(B),1113(a) 7 Burglary And Theft
6605(A)(B),1113(a) 8 Glass
6605(A)(B),1113(a) 9 Boiler And Machinery
6605(A)(B),1113(a) 12 Collision
6605(A)(B),1113(a) 13 Personal Injury Liability
6605(A)(B),1113(a) 14 Property Damage Liability
6605(A)(B),1113(a) 15 Workers' Compensation And Employers' Liability (Excluding Workers' Compensation)
6605(A)(B),1113(a) 19 Motor Vehicle And Aircraft Physical Damage (Excluding Aircraft Physical Damage)
6605(A)(B),1113(a) 20 Marine And Inland Marine (inland only)
6606 R To Accept And Cede Reinsurance As Provided In Section 6606 Of The Insurance Law Of The State Of New York