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Total: 18  RAT
NAIC# Company Name Org Domicile Group# /Group Name Website
N0942 American Association of Insurance Services RAT Illinois      
N9909 Arity, LLC RAT Illinois      
N1412 Associated Co-operative Inland Marine Conference RAT New York      
N1413 Automobile Insurance Plans Service Office RAT Rhode Island      
N1416 Factory Mutual Service Bureau RAT Massachusetts 0/Pharmacists Mutual Group   
N1417 Hail Information Services, Inc. RAT Florida      
N1418 Insurance Services Office, Inc. RAT Delaware      
N3174 IRM Services, Inc. RAT Delaware      
N1420 Mill and Elevator Rating Bureau RAT Illinois      
N5521 MSO, Inc. RAT New Jersey      
N1415 National Crop Insurance Services, Inc. RAT Kansas      
N1421 New York Compensation Insurance Rating Board RAT New York      
N6358 Property Casualty Insurers Association of America RAT Illinois      
N1423 Surety Association of America RAT District of Columbia      
N2591 Title Insurance Rate Service Association RAT New York      
N9487 Towers Watson America, LLC RAT Delaware      
N9805 TrueMotion, Inc. RAT Delaware      
N1424 Underwriters Rating Board RAT New York