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NAIC#: 25941 DOM: Texas Group: USAA GROUP Phone: 800-531-8111 
CPAF: 587 ORG: REC Group#: 200 Spl Risk:
DMV#: 355 Website:  Admitted Dt: 09/08/1992
United Services Automobile Association
9800 Fredericksburg Rd
San Antonio, TX 78288
Company Name History:
  (No Data Available)
Current Writing Powers:
NYS Insurance
Law Section Code
Line of

6102,1113(a) 4 Fire
6102,1113(a) 5 Miscellaneous Property
6102,1113(a) 6 Water Damage
6102,1113(a) 7 Burglary And Theft
6102,1113(a) 8 Glass
6102,1113(a) 9 Boiler And Machinery
6102,1113(a) 12 Collision
6102,1113(a) 13 Personal Injury Liability
6102,1113(a) 14 Property Damage Liability
6102,1113(a) 19 Motor Vehicle And Aircraft Physical Damage
6102,1113(a) 20 Marine And Inland Marine
6102,1113(a) 21 Marine Protection And Indemnity