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NAIC#: 41050 DOM: Oregon Group: Doctors Co Group Phone: 707-226-0100 
CPAF: 2293 ORG: PC Group#: 831 Spl Risk:
DMV#: Website:  Admitted Dt: 11/20/1995
TDC National Assurance Company
185 Greenwood Road
Napa, CA 94558
Company Name History: Change Dt
Underwriter for the Professions Insurance Company 01/04/2017
UMIA Insurance Company 04/18/2013
Underwriter For the Professions Insurance Company 11/01/2012
Underwriter For the Professions Incorporated 08/19/1996
Current Writing Powers:
NYS Insurance
Law Section Code
Line of

1113(a) 13 Personal Injury Liability
1113(a) 14 Property Damage Liability
1113(a) 20 Marine And Inland Marine
1113(a) 21 Marine Protection And Indemnity